Louise Pitz
Osteopath D.O.

I graduated with high honors from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. During my studies, I took many courses in the Faculty of Medicine (semiology, pediatrics, orthopedics…) and shared courses with physiotherapists, dentists and physical educators.

After graduating, I went to Madrid for 6 months to continue my education and improve my language skills.

I am currently trained in Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and Dry Needling.

My osteopathic practice is mainly structural (joint, muscle and fascial techniques). I enjoy working in a precise, benevolent and educational manner. I always take the time to explain the pathologies to patients so that they can approach their pain as serenely as possible.

Perfectly quadrilingual, I consult in French, English, Dutch and Spanish.

I am a member of the Professional Union of Osteopathic Medicine (UPMO).


Academic path and trainings

  • Bachelor in Motor Sciences (ULB – 2018)

  • Master en Sciences de la motricité à finalité Ostéopathie (ULB – 2020)

  • Complementary Master in Osteopathy (ULB – 2021)

  • Complementary training “Dry Needling” (AXIS formacion – Madrid – 2021)

  • Complementary training “The ATM Complex” (Osteo-structure – Lille – 2022)

  • Complementary training “HVLA Structural Techniques on the Spine” – José Kunzler (Osteo-structure – Charleroi – 2022)

Work experience

  • Clinical observation internship in the abdominal surgery, orthopedic surgery and orthopedic consultations departments of the Ixelles Hospital (Brussels – 2019)

  • Practical training in the osteopathy department of the hospital of Ixelles (Brussels – 2020)

  • Internship in a private osteopathy practice : Wolusanté – Av Ch. Thielemans (Brussels – 2020)

  • Internship in a private osteopathic practice : Rue Franklin (Brussels – 2020)

  • Clinical observation in the clinic of the Belgian-Spanish Osteopathic Institute (FBEO) (Madrid – 2021)

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